So darn cute you could just eat them up...

Twitter led me to these Princess Leia cupcakes (with recipe!)

Which in turn led me to this box of awesomeness (found here):


Speaking of the Doctor...

After coming across this picture of a Dalek tattoo, I knew I had to find more examples of ultra geekery...

(By the way, that's binary for "roll").

Click on images to see from whence they came.


Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special

Christmas specials are nice and all but does anyone else think a Doctor Who Halloween special would rock?

More info here.


Bow Ties Are Cool

In honour of Matt Smith signing on as the Doctor until at least 2013.

Matt Smith's First Day as the Doctor:

Karen Gillan (aka the Doctor's companion, Amy Pond) Interviews Matt Smith:

More info here on Matt staying on.


Can't Touch This

This shirt made me laugh...

...But not as much as this one:

Found here.


Alternate Reality Movie Posters

If I were suddenly offered three wishes I'd have to use one to see Boris Karloff as Freddy Krueger. And it would be worth it.

These are my favourites but you can see more here.


Steampunk Laptop

This is just brilliant.

And a short video to give you a better look at some of the details:

Via Datamancer (great name), where you can see more photos as well as a tutorial video.


An Epic of Epic Epicness

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World making-of featurette:

And a trailer:


Teenagers from Outer Space!!!

A fan got creative and made this 1950s Avengers "premake" (basically a trailer for a movie that doesn't exist--although after seeing this we wish it did):

Via Geek Tyrant.

And for a more authentic experience, check out these three real 1950s trailers:

Ray-gun rampage indeed...


Have Your Cake and Geek it Too...

What better way to express your geek love than by immortalizing it in fondant and frosting? Just a sampling of what's out there:

Dalek Cake from here.

The man himself (my favourite Doctor) and mini Dalek cake found here.

Serenity Cake found here.

Mario Cake found here.

Wall-E Cake found here.

Rubik's Cube Cake found here.

Minas Tirith Cake found here.

Twilight Zone Cake found here.

Wampa Cake found here.


I Pity the Fool Who Doesn't Read this Post!

The 80s provide endless fodder for geeks (I should know--I was there), and Mr. T is a category unto himself. Some nif-T (get it???) homages:

Want more? Click here.

And just for an extra bit of fun, check out Mr. T's infomercial spokesman stint for the FlavorWave Oven (like an Easy Bake oven for adults):


Take on This

Music videos from the 80s. Retold literally. Life is good.

See more literal videos here.

And the original video too:

And now I want one of these shirts:



Hypno-toad Commands You to Read this Post!

I've been watching a lot of Futurama lately...
(click on photos to find out from whence they came)

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