People online come up with some wacky ideas. This one is going around at the moment: take a picture of yourself with your head in a freezer, upload it to a photo site, and tag it with the number in the title above. Why? So that people can search for the number on google images and come up with a bunch of photos of people sticking their heads into freezers. Like I said--wacky. But there are a few fun and creative variations on the theme, this one being my favourite:

Although, I'd be a lot happier if the original poster knew the difference between "your" and "you're." Doing it wrong indeed.

Han originally found here, along with a bunch of the other photos.


Pardon me, but that cephalopod of ultimate evil seems to be eating your head...

Who would have thought there'd be an entire industry devoted to knit Cthulhu headgear?

See these and more on Etsy (click on photos to take you to the individual listings).


Look over there...

Now back to me.
It's my SO's birthday today.

This isn't his cake but I wish I'd thought of it. Instead I'll just dedicate this post to my SO (that's just as good, right?)

Nabbed from this livejournal post (including the title--sorry, it was just too good not to use).

Happy Birthday, baby!


Cupcakes: Bringing Geeks Together

Nothing brings out the geek in me quite so much as geeky creativity. Add cake and icing to the mix and I'm one happy geek grrrl. Click on photos to see where I found them.

Futurama brain slugs:
Nothing is geekier than science itself:
Mario mushrooms:
Wii mii:
iPhone apps:


R2, meet K-9

Highly entertaining and weirdly believable.

Via here.
Video made by these guys. Check them out to see more mashups.


Beats a gnome...

For the gardener with a dark side... (and I was lying--nothing beats a gnome).

From ThinkGeek.


Deck the Halls with Retro Robots...

These could just be the coolest ornaments ever. Follow this link to the robots and this link to the ray guns.


Eat what you tweet...

Geekiness and baking...together at last!

Read the original post and see more photos here.


The Man They Call Jayne...

I'm a huge Jayne fan and "Jaynestown" is probably my favourite Firefly episode, so you can guess how much I covet this shirt.

You can find it here.

I'll leave you with the lyrics for "The Ballad of Jayne"...

The Ballad of Jayne

Jayne, the man they call Jayne

He robbed from the rich
And he gave to the poor
Stood up to the man
And gave him what for
Our love for him now
Ain't hard to explain
The hero of Canton
The man they call Jayne

Our Jayne saw the mudders' backs breakin'
He saw the mudders' lament
And he saw the magistrate takin'
Every dollar and leavin' five cents
So he said "you can't do that to my people"
He said "you can't crush them under your heel"
So Jayne strapped on his hat
And in 5 seconds flat
Stole everythin' Boss Higgins had to steal

He robbed from the rich
And he gave to the poor
Stood up to the man
And gave him what for
Our love for him now
Ain't hard to explain
The hero of Canton
The man they call Jayne

Now here is what separates heroes
From common folk like you and I
The man they call Jayne
He turned 'round his plane
And let that money hit sky
He dropped it onto our houses
He dropped it into our yards
The man they called Jayne
He stole away our pain
And headed out for the stars

He robbed from the rich
And he gave to the poor
Stood up to the man
And gave him what for
Our love for him now
Ain't hard to explain
The hero of Canton
The man they call Jayne.


For the Wampa Who Has Everything...

Yes, those are paper snowflakes. Admit it--you want to make some now, don't you?

Found here.


Mario on the Street

Artist Andy Gonsalves went for the ultimate mashup: Sesame Street and Super Mario Bros. I approve. (And I don't care if it was created by a bunch of hippies--Sesame Street rules!)

Via Alltop


Bow to the master of geeky crafts...

This knitted skeleton is part of an art installation by Ben Cuevas. You can be awed by more photos here.


Star Wars Trilogy Re-told...with LEGO

I never expected this blog to be so Star Wars-heavy, but what can you do--the thing is endlessly entertaining. And what is it about LEGOs that invariably ratchet up the awesome? Pure geek gold!

Via GeekTyrant.


Robot Cupcakes!

Unlike the incredibly lame US$65,000 (not a misprint!) robotic puppet I tweeted about earlier (and which can be found here) these robot cupcake molds are made of win (their heads even swivel). And for only $17.95.

Via holycool.net.


Death Star Canteen

Eddie Izzard + Star Wars = FTW.

Warning: These videos contain swearing and/or poor spelling...

LEGO version:

Live Action Version


Sticking it to Mario

Who says students have too much time on their hands? (JK--you know I think it's awesome).

Found here.


Sonic Screwdriver, meet the Wii

Yes, that is a Wii Remote in Sonic Screwdriver form. Due out in 2011. Cannot wait.

Via geektyrant.


Cutting Edge

Love this cutting board, although I'm not too sure about the price (for $129 these had better be handmade by Nolan Bushnell himself).

Via Thursdaynightsmackdown. You can buy it here.


So darn cute you could just eat them up...

Twitter led me to these Princess Leia cupcakes (with recipe!)

Which in turn led me to this box of awesomeness (found here):


Speaking of the Doctor...

After coming across this picture of a Dalek tattoo, I knew I had to find more examples of ultra geekery...

(By the way, that's binary for "roll").

Click on images to see from whence they came.


Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special

Christmas specials are nice and all but does anyone else think a Doctor Who Halloween special would rock?

More info here.