Prometheus Trailer

It's a new Alien movie. It's directed by Ridley Scott. I think my heart just stopped for a second there.


Accio royal icing!

The Burrow is one of my favourite locations in the Potterverse and I love gingerbread houses, so a gingerbread replica of The Burrow? Pure genius (we can even forgive the OP for calling it The Burrows).

Found here.


Gifts, Steampunk-Style

Ray gun

Ragnarok gas mask

Stormtrooper helmet


Pocket watch

Book pendant

'Tis the season for giving so why not give something chock full of steampunk goodness? These can all be found on etsy, along with thousands of other nifty items.

More photos and info here.


Hobbit House

Okay, hobbit houses have always appealed to me and this is just awesome (not to mention the Tolkien collection). Anyone else jealous?


At-At Tree Fort

Want! (Although what happened to the top of the tree?)

Found here.


Zombie-Killing Appeal for Girls of All Ages!

Zombie-killer Barbie is pretty nifty but I think I'd rather have Zombie Ken!

Barbie is the handiwork of Sarah Anne Langton. Originally posted here.