Housewares of the Future...Today!

How did I not know about Museum of Robots? First of all, they make nifty stuff for the home, something I'm generally a fan of. Secondly--the items they make involve robots! And spaceships. And beakers. I think I'm in love.

Multi-colored Robots Platter

Metal Rocket Salt & Pepper

Lab Vases

Metal Flying Saucer Bowl


That's a whole lotta bricks...

Kids and parents in Brazil build the world's tallest LEGO tower...

Admit it--you want to try building one now, don't you?

Read more about it here.


Bad Times in LEGO City

Stickers by Brian Collin.

Is it just me or have zombies become the bacon of the entertainment world--they make everything they're added to better? And you thought LEGOs couldn't get any awesomer...

(By the way, bonus points for the Indy cameo.)