Caffeine Powers Activate!

Coffee and geeks are the perfect match: coffee gives us delicious, delicious energy and we show our devotion in a variety of creative ways. For example...

T-shirt designs:

Coffee shop signage:

Spotted in a coffee shop in New Jersey and posted all over Pinterest
"It's Lion-oh so good!" by Sara Jahn

"Voltron, Defender of the Universe, welcomes you..." Sara Jahn strikes again.

Mug designs:
Gives you a handy spell and a Grim to freak out your friends

Han & Leia's relationship summed up.
 Personal statements:

The right way to give Nathan Fillion his coffee :)

One blogger's message to Vermont Public Television's Facebook page

 Latte Art:

Awesome television episodes:


Looking Up

I have a confession to make: I did not love the movie Up (in fact, aside from the cone of shame and "squirrel!" I didn't even find much to like). But I love the idea of attaching balloons to my house and floating away. Who wouldn't? These people clearly agree with me...

Up-inspired hot-air balloon

A closer look

While the hot-air balloon is pretty sweet, this is an actual house suspended by balloons, floating on its merry way. Some people (in this case at National Geographic) are so literal. Literally awesome. Adopt me?   
Originally found here and here.


Fine Art for Geeks

"Neutral Zone"

You know the kinds of bland, inoffensive artwork you see in office buildings and hospitals? Well now it's available in a Star Trek version: four paintings by Jeff Foster featuring four different ships from the franchise and available for purchase at Think Geek. If that's not enough to get you, the words "officially licensed" just might.

Originally found here, although after writing the words "Star Trek" multiple times they still mislabel it as "Officially licensed Star Wars art." For shame, Geek Tyrant.