Cleaning Up

Ever look at a plain bar of soap and think 'this could be awesomer'? Me neither, but now that I see what can be done I have to wonder why I've wasted so much time using boring old rectangles. Click on photos for more info.

(Btw, the descriptions of the products alone are worth checking out.)

Everything is better in TARDIS form:

Soap Invaders:

Yes, but are they stackable?

I am Jack's soap:

Freeze date included:

You will be assimilated (but at least you'll be clean):

The Alliance know how to make a damn fine bar of soap:


May the Force Be with You...in the Kitchen

Vader apron:

Space slug oven mitt (Millennium Falcon pot holder not included. Also it's not a real product):

Light saber bottle opener:

My personal favourite--the Death Star cookie jar:

Because you gotta eat and there are regrettably few fun oven mitts in the world.

Click on photos for more info.


Practical Magic

A nifty alternative to the "Keep Calm and Carry On" slogan. You can get this poster here (and elsewhere too, I'm sure).

If you prefer to be a little more interactive with your home decor, you can buy the needlepoint pattern for Harry's acceptance letter into Hogwarts and make your very own version of it (may I suggest using a nice emerald green thread?)


Steampunk Star Wars

Great art by Bjorn Hurri. My only question: why is C3PO wearing a tie?

See more here.


The Doctor Gets Mugged

It's amazing what you can discover when you're not expecting it. For example, a mug featuring the TARDIS's police sign:

Or one covered with Daleks:

Or this nifty one with a changing picture--the TARDIS disappears (and reappears in space, I presume)!

And my personal favourite--the TARDIS itself...

Click on photos for more photos and (including how to get your very own).

Bat Wars

Don't tell Lucas--he might try to re-make the movies again (Han Solo was Batman all along)...

Found here.


Ex-ter-mi-nate, dude!

Rufus could've at least warned them...

(Btw: Please note that the copyright on this image is and remains the property of the artist. Bill & Ted, the Daleks, and Dr. Who are copyright their respective owners. Please respect this. Thank you.)

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