Get in Control

Okay, I'm not a fan of the 1970s look but I love the creativity behind this working Nintendo controller table. It puts the fun in functional! (Yes, I just said that.)

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If you like your zombies cute...

I like how all that armor and the helmet still didn't help this storm trooper (insert Nelson-style laugh).

Originally spotted here.


The Ultimate Staycation, Vintage Style

Vintage-style "travel" posters for those who'd rather not leave the house (not that I'd know anything about that...)

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Shoes Made of Awesome

Hand-painted Nintendo shoes--what's not to love?

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Fairy Tales for the Minimalist

I'm not usually a fan of anything minimalist but these posters are so well done even I find them appealing. See more here.


Star Wars Toys that Never Were

These toys never made it past the concept stage. For the most part that's probably a good thing but some of these I definitely would like to have seen!

Also dispenses the light and dark sides of the force.

Sorry--it only looks like a droid.

Not only can it destroy planets but it gives you game too!

Does anyone really want to see what's inside Vader? (Suddenly I hear Nelson from the Simpsons saying "blood...and guts...and black stuff...")

Warning: Do not ingest carbonite!

Although I do like the carbonite popsicle molds, I think the Yoda backpack is my favourite. And whaddya know--somebody actually did go ahead and make it:

If you must have your very own Yoda backpack, click here.
For more photos and lots more information by one of the designers, click here.
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Lighting, Tetris Style

That's right--it's a Tetris lamp and, yes, you can rearrange the components. Why has it taken this long to come up with such a magnificent piece of geekery? Who knows...but you'll have to wait a little longer as it won't be available until September.

Via Geek O System


Sir Mixed-a-Lot

Couldn't resist posting this--and proceeds from the shirt go to a good cause. It's win-win!

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Choose Your Alignment

For D&D fans (or the casually interested), I think the grid above gives a pretty perfect idea of the different alignments. Sorry about the size but hopefully you get the idea (in case you can't tell the True Neutral character is Treebeard from LOTR).

And just because I like Mad Men, I thought I'd share this further example...

If you just can't resist finding out where you stand, take this alignment test, or perhaps this one (apparently I'm somewhere between Neutral Good and Lawful Neutral).