Neighbourhood Watch, Toronto Style

Welcome to Toronto, where local artist Andrew Lamb takes commonplace (and slightly creepy) Neighbourhood Watch signs like this:


And turns them into utter awesomeness like these:

Dear Toronto City Council (and Community Watch groups): Can we please leave the alterations to these signs? They're a fantastic way to promote local art and colour, while also increasing the effectiveness of the signs as warnings. Criminals beware! Just think about it...

(PS to Andrew Lamb, I humbly suggest the addition of The Doctor to a few signs...)

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Vintage Illustrations of What Life Would Be Like on Other Planets

If you're of a certain age, you'll remember being regaled with fun and wacky theories of what life would be like in the year 2000 (flying cars! Meals in pill form!) Well, back in 1939, artist Frank R. Paul imagined what life would be like on other planets. It might be easy to laugh at now, but he clearly put a lot of thought (based on the scientific knowledge at the time) into his theories. His results might not have been accurate, but they're definitely interesting...

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