Batman vs Sherock: Epic

A friend of mine told me about Epic Rap Battles of History and sent me the link to Batman vs Sherlock Holmes. At first I just thought it was weird--then I was hooked. How could you not be with matchups like Doc Brown vs Doctor Who, Master Chief vs Leonidas, and Einstein vs Stephen Hawking? Weird or awesome? You decide...


Doctor Who Meets Dr. Pepper

Well, not really as this TARDIS soda machine doesn't dispense Dr. Pepper, but I couldn't resist. I don't even drink soda (or pop, as we call it in these parts) but I am intensely jealous of this machine.

Read more about it here and find out which Doctor gets to be Sprite and which one is stuck with Diet Coke...


Mix it Up

While I prefer my own mixer with its original 'Empire Red' paint, a lot of people get creative with theirs, and in some quite cool ways. If you go looking you'll find a lot of flames, swirls, flowers--even writing (and at least one with the inexplicable addition of Guy Fieri's image). But this Boba Fett design is my absolute favourite. The colours, the worn paint...nicely done, DeviantArtist tommyfilth.

Read more here.