Quentin vs Coen

What kind of mad genius would put together an art show featuring tributes to Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers? The kind of mad genius that's too damn rare in this world. If this is your kind of mashup (and how could it not be?) you can check out the show at the Bold Hype Gallery in NYC, April 7-9. More info here.

A small sampling of what you'll see at the show...

Kill Bill, "The Swan Song of Oren-Ishii" by Tim Doyle

Raising Arizona, "Leonard the Destroyer" by Matt Leunig

Reservoir Dogs Zombie Style, "Bloody Gore Dogs" by Rezatron

Battle of the Eye Patches: True Grit meets Kill Bill (by Steve Seeley)

(Psst: if you can't make it to the show you can buy prints here.)


Mario Kart Live

Cute--but does anyone else think they should have worn costumes?


Book Learnin'

I love it when my geekery (books, crafts, fandoms...) comes together in a harmonious mashup of endless possibilities. These are but a small sampling of the geek-themed craft books available at fine book purveyors everywhere (feel free to point me in the direction of any others you know of).

Keep yourself busy making cantina finger puppets, Jabba body pillows, and R2D2 crocheted beanies:

Or if cooking's more your style:

Can't leave the Trekkies out:

Or the Seuss fans:

Crochet your own ninjas, Vikings, and robots:

Or stick to just zombies:

Break out the knitting needles and make a wizard robe, invisibility shawl, or Quidditch sweater:

Follow a session of crafting gem-covered sandals and bindi greeting cards with a spontaneous group song and dance number:

Or cover all your bases with everything from D&D dice earrings to Super Mario cross-stitch to a Star Wars terrarium... and beyond:

And if anyone knows of any shiny Firefly/Serenity craft books, I'd be much obliged for a link.