Star Wars 7?

For those of you who haven't seen it, Patton Oswalt, in a guest appearance on Parks & Rec, improvises in a filibuster scene about the next Star Wars movie. Hey, I'd watch his version (it's bound to be better than anything Disney and JJ Abrams come up with). Btw, if you don't already watch Parks & Rec, I suggest you get on that immediately.

And just for fun, here's an animated version too:


Sherlock Animated

Don't you love it when geeks get creative? Artist Angela Taratuta took inspiration from the BBC's Sherlock and re-imagined it as a cartoon. What fan wouldn't want to see that onscreen?

See more here.


Beware May the 4th!

Brought to you by The Emperor's Committee to Destroy May the 4th and Geek Tyrant


Caffeine Powers Activate!

Coffee and geeks are the perfect match: coffee gives us delicious, delicious energy and we show our devotion in a variety of creative ways. For example...

T-shirt designs:

Coffee shop signage:

Spotted in a coffee shop in New Jersey and posted all over Pinterest
"It's Lion-oh so good!" by Sara Jahn

"Voltron, Defender of the Universe, welcomes you..." Sara Jahn strikes again.

Mug designs:
Gives you a handy spell and a Grim to freak out your friends

Han & Leia's relationship summed up.
 Personal statements:

The right way to give Nathan Fillion his coffee :)

One blogger's message to Vermont Public Television's Facebook page

 Latte Art:

Awesome television episodes:


Looking Up

I have a confession to make: I did not love the movie Up (in fact, aside from the cone of shame and "squirrel!" I didn't even find much to like). But I love the idea of attaching balloons to my house and floating away. Who wouldn't? These people clearly agree with me...

Up-inspired hot-air balloon

A closer look

While the hot-air balloon is pretty sweet, this is an actual house suspended by balloons, floating on its merry way. Some people (in this case at National Geographic) are so literal. Literally awesome. Adopt me?   
Originally found here and here.


Fine Art for Geeks

"Neutral Zone"

You know the kinds of bland, inoffensive artwork you see in office buildings and hospitals? Well now it's available in a Star Trek version: four paintings by Jeff Foster featuring four different ships from the franchise and available for purchase at Think Geek. If that's not enough to get you, the words "officially licensed" just might.

Originally found here, although after writing the words "Star Trek" multiple times they still mislabel it as "Officially licensed Star Wars art." For shame, Geek Tyrant.


Batman vs Sherock: Epic

A friend of mine told me about Epic Rap Battles of History and sent me the link to Batman vs Sherlock Holmes. At first I just thought it was weird--then I was hooked. How could you not be with matchups like Doc Brown vs Doctor Who, Master Chief vs Leonidas, and Einstein vs Stephen Hawking? Weird or awesome? You decide...


Doctor Who Meets Dr. Pepper

Well, not really as this TARDIS soda machine doesn't dispense Dr. Pepper, but I couldn't resist. I don't even drink soda (or pop, as we call it in these parts) but I am intensely jealous of this machine.

Read more about it here and find out which Doctor gets to be Sprite and which one is stuck with Diet Coke...


Mix it Up

While I prefer my own mixer with its original 'Empire Red' paint, a lot of people get creative with theirs, and in some quite cool ways. If you go looking you'll find a lot of flames, swirls, flowers--even writing (and at least one with the inexplicable addition of Guy Fieri's image). But this Boba Fett design is my absolute favourite. The colours, the worn paint...nicely done, DeviantArtist tommyfilth.

Read more here.


Visit Beautiful Cloud City

The best part is, you really can visit Cloud City, only instead of Bespin this city is on Earth, in Dubai to be exact. Sometimes even real life can be awesome...

And whatever else, just remember:


Inventors, Get Inventing

These products and ads don't really exist...but they should. Click on images for original sources...

Evil Dead Lincoln-Log Playset

There was a noble attempt to get LEGO to produce this. Alas, it was deemed there wasn't enough of a market for it. Firefly gets screwed again.

How cool would this be?

If 1950s America were populated by vampires...

If only...

There are claims that this is a real vintage ad but seeing as it makes no sense, I somehow doubt it. I'd like to think it's the handiwork of some creative Futurama fan.

You can buy the poster but what we really need are the robots themselves. For protection against zombies. Really.

And my personal favourite--how I wish these existed.


In Stitches Pt 2

In my last post I shared some awesome geeky needlepoint. So this time I thought I'd offer up my latest obsession: amigurumi aka super cute crochet goodness. Click on the photos to go to the original source and enjoy (try not to squee too hard).

Proving that bow ties are cute as well as cool (click on the photo to see all eleven Doctors)

Gnome! And a free pattern too (personal use only)

Link seeks to save the yarn princess (and another free pattern)

As seen on TV (the doll too). And yes--another pattern! Crocheters are a generous bunch.

The hero of Canton in cunning doll form

Make a Ms Pac-man of your very own

The Force was with this crafter

One more doctor: Zoidberg


In Stitches

I bring to you a subject near and dear to my heart: needlepoint, geek style! The possibilities are endless when geeky people get creative. Click on the images to get to the original source...

The Hobbit

Evil robots are scary (if you click through to the source there's another link there for the song that inspired this)

My personal motto


Donnie Darko

My Neighbor Totoro

All that those alien face-huggers really want is love

Daleks, the Doctor's nemeses

Bonus: free cross-stitch Dalek pattern (personal use only). Go make something cool!