Roomba Pac-Man!

If you're going to go to all this trouble then at least try not to sound completely bored as you explain the process.

Found via Twitter (@AchillesRage and @acoyne: OhGizmo! » Roombas Hacked to Play Pac-Man http://j.mp/hs1zZW)


Paperless World? Not Quite Yet...

Believe it or not these are all made of layers of paper, courtesy of artist Cheong-ah Hwang. Impressed? I sure as hell am. Check out even more amazing examples of her work here.

Via Geekologie


Channelus surfius

Welcome to a whole new level of geekdom: the magic wand remote control. Yes, you can now channel your inner witch or wizard while you adjust the volume, pause the DVD, or turn on the lights (forget that 'clap on, clap off' crap). Various "spellcasting" gestures (e.g., flicking the wand) actually control your electronics, thus rendering the clunky, boring remotes you've amassed useless. Sadly, it runs on batteries rather than unicorn hair or phoenix feathers. Oh well--can't have them all.

You can get your own (and watch a short video of it in action) here.


Voltron Camera

Does it actually take pictures? Who cares--it's a camera that transforms into Voltron!

Via Agent M.


Mr. Sparkle!

Can you see that I am serious?!

Yesterday's post of the awesome Fruity Oaty Bar ad reminded me of my other favourite Asian-inspired fake ad. By the way, isn't it sad that the fake ads are so much better than real ones (in North America, anyway)?

This post brought to you by Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern.


Not Mandatory!

Of all the Firefly/Serenity merchandise out there, this Fruity Oaty bobblehead trio has to be my favourite. Found here.

And what's this Fruity Oaty thing all about, you ask? It's the catalyst for a pivotal scene in Serenity, a movie that--if you haven't already seen it--must be watched (but only after you watch the one-season TV series Firefly, which you should do immediately). You'll thank me (cash gifts are also acceptable).

Now enjoy the Fruity Oaty Bar ad in all its surreal glory:


Get your (Doctor) fix

Adipose stress toy (guaranteed not to attempt to wipe out a large proportion of the local population!)
They're not dolls--they're action figures.

Okay, these ones are dolls (and definitely the coolest nesting dolls I've seen).

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Book now for your tour of the universe's premier wretched hive!

Why get the same old boring movie posters as everyone else? Star Wars retro travel posters FTW. Click on photos to find out more.