Star Wars Toys that Never Were

These toys never made it past the concept stage. For the most part that's probably a good thing but some of these I definitely would like to have seen!

Also dispenses the light and dark sides of the force.

Sorry--it only looks like a droid.

Not only can it destroy planets but it gives you game too!

Does anyone really want to see what's inside Vader? (Suddenly I hear Nelson from the Simpsons saying "blood...and guts...and black stuff...")

Warning: Do not ingest carbonite!

Although I do like the carbonite popsicle molds, I think the Yoda backpack is my favourite. And whaddya know--somebody actually did go ahead and make it:

If you must have your very own Yoda backpack, click here.
For more photos and lots more information by one of the designers, click here.
Originally spotted on geektyrant

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