Fake Geeks

I came across this on Pinterest the other day and thought it was an excellent commentary on a disturbing trend in the geek community: attacking geek girls for supposedly not being "real" geeks. Here's what one guy had to say about it:

First, thanks to Chris Brecheen for taking the time to write this (his entire post can be found here and is well worth reading).

Secondly, if anyone actually tries to justify this sort of asshole behaviour by saying they're being elitist rather than sexist--you need to get someone with more patience than I have to explain why that's no better.

Maybe I'm an idealist but I think if you find another person who shares your interest in something, that's a reason to bond, not to start nitpicking and excluding. And if you choose to nitpick and exclude solely on the basis of gender, you've got serious issues as a human being. But if you do choose to go down that path, then be prepared for a lonely and unpleasant life. The rest of us are just fine without you.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my SO and my geeky male friends who never once questioned my geek cred, who have never given my a hard time when my knowledge wasn't as extensive as theirs, who answered my questions without attitude (in the process helping me deepen my interest), and who introduced me to more awesome things than I can count. I hope over the years I've returned the favour. True geek culture is about sharing our enthusiasm. The elitists and sexists are the real fake geeks.

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